Monday came within a snap not giving me a chance to enjoy fully the weekends. Five days again before I get the chance to be on that same old moment again where I can laugh the hell out with my friends; sleep comfortably on my soft bed as my eyes got heavy anytime; access my social networking sites without getting uneasy all throughout the day; spill the words barging in my head to give life to the beautiful ideas storming inside my brain cells; and read books to get a free passport to travel somewhere where reality can’t be thought of. It’s pretty certain that it will be a long tiring week before I can experience those leisure and pleasure again since I’ve got a job.

Yawning for several times and trying to fight the drowsiness casing me were two things that happened as I typed this word using the slow-moving old computer I face in front of me. Since I started working, the affluence of a generous eight-hour sleep has been snatched away from me except on weekends—not referring to last Saturday. What I’ve realized was when you’re working, five to six hours of sleep is more than enough. Even four will do—you’re groggy. This is how life goes; thus I must follow and go with the course and flow since I have a vision for myself which I precisely desire to achieve someday. Without being on this crazy ride of life, I wouldn’t be there and will never be.

Up until now, I still have a hard time in believing that I am actually building my career—almost two weeks after my graduation since it felt like I just started college then. Time flew fast in a manner I will never understand. No matter how hard I tried to keep my pace with it, it will always leave me behind. I can never ever catch time since it’s an intangible matter in this space. Time is a wide range complexity of this universe which will never allow it to be touched by creatures like me since all it knows is to change and affect the lives of human beings.

This could be the starting ground for me; a first step to the stairs of my growing career. I may be starting as one of the lowest ranks in the organization but who cares? At least, I’ve got a decent job in a huge company known internationally. With this, I can truly savor the sumptuous taste of promotion if ever it will knock into my door. But of course, I will exert the best I can give to the company for I don’t want to stay as is. It will be plainly a job and not a career if that ensues. I will practice my flexibility as early as now since I am no longer in school because from time to time, the management is being shuffled or there’s a high chance that I will be moved into new department(s) where adapting to environment is a must and interpersonal skills are required for me to survive.


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