You may have read or heard it a multiple times and it may sound cliche but our parents are also getting older as we aged. Their hair gets silver as time ticked. Their face wrinkled due to old age. And they’re growing weaker. Most of us know how to show love with our friends and lovers but not with our parents. Corny? Cheesy? Or well, maybe it’s the way they raised us. It will be a whole lot easier if they’re also sweet to us. We can easily hug and kiss them if they’re doing the same. But if they’re the strict and not showy type, it’s hard right? Of course, there’s a huge love at the bottom of our hearts for them despite we argued with them because they’re simply our parents. They may not be the perfectest parents in the whole wide world but still, they’re the best. One of the best gifts that God has given to us. They’re the best privilege we have.

Swallow our pride. If we know that they can’t execute the first move for that ‘sweet thing’, why don’t we do the move? Let’s hug them from behind, plant kisses on their foreheads or cheeks every night. Greet them ‘Good Morning’ and other stuff.

Many of us love to write but do we even write letters for them just to say how thankful we are for them? That in spite the pains and heartaches we caused them, they’re still there, not getting tired and restless of us? We write love or friendly letters but do we ever write ‘parental’ letters to tell how much we appreciate them? Usually, our writings depict love but not the love of our parents. So let me take this opportunity to write one for them.

Dear Moms and Dads, we love you so much. We may not be showing it for we’re ‘older’ than we used to be, but still, we love you and we always will. We know that we won’t be together forever and ever for there will come a time that we will soon part ways but let’s make tons of beautiful memories. These words are not enough to repay the love and sacrifices you’ve given and exerted for us but still, we do hope that you will still see the love and affection these words conveyed. You are all amazing and incredible. Let’s do the high five if just in case hugs are awkward and uneasy.


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