April 13, 2014

It’s really been a while since I updated this blog. If it’s not for the anon I had in Tumblr, I won’t be viewing this blog again. To that anon, if he/she still views this blog, yes I am also scrollupanddown as well. Hahhaa. I removed all my pictures here but for sure, you have seen all of them. I looked horrible, indeed.

As far as I remember, I started blogging here in wordpress during summer and now, it’s summer again! It’s been a year. i wonder what happened to my online friends here. How I wish that the WordPress management will add a feature like in Tumblr, a message box, not only in comments. Just saying.

By the way, I am already a degree holder. 🙂 Wow. Who would ever thought that. 🙂


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