If We Get the Chance

We should always say the following:

  • Thank you. Most people tend to forget these two words when someone did something wonderful or good to them. Say ‘Thank You’ when someone tells you look cute on the red shirt. It will make them feel appreciated. 
  • I’m Sorry, it’s my fault. When we know we have offended someone, say that you’re sorry. And it’s your fault. Many people just say sorry without meaning it. And they don’t even say that it’s their fault. They just say it in a civil way, for the argument to be over. Say something that you really mean. And even it’s not your fault, you can even say that you’re sorry. Swallow your pride than losing the other party.
  • I love you. It’s easier to say I love you to your lover than to your parents. Because many thought that it’s corny or what. But our parents also have feelings. These three words will have a great impact on them when we say it at a perfect time, and when we really mean it. 
  • I miss you. We miss people and we try to do things just for us to see them. But sometimes, we forgot to say these words. Yes, actions speak louder than words but words are very meaningful and powerful. 
  • You look *something positive* When we notice that our friend got a new hair cut and it fits him/her, say your appreciation. Our simple compliment can boost his/her confidence. 

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