How To Battle Life?

Crucial this life is, a fact we all must face. But there are some things you must bear in mind to keep up with it.

  • Self-Confidence. Always believe in yourself. The very first person who will believe in you when no one else does is you. You can have an access to an unlimited power if you’ve got a self-confidence. You may also have the skills and talents but without it, it’ll be useless. But be careful, don’t be overconfident that you’ll sound cocky and arrogant.
  • Right Attitude. There is always a right attitude and behavior in every situation. Remember that our attitude towards something has a great impact for us to be there, to the place where we really want to be.
  • Listen. It is very essential. Most of us talk but don’t listen. Most of us hear but don’t listen. Listen to the other party who’s talking. Give him/her a chance to explain his/her side. It shouldn’t be always you who do the talking. Sometimes, what people need are listeners.
  • Pick your Battles Wisely. Know well who you’re dealing with. Don’t mess with people who can easily drag you out of the equation. You don’t have to move forward all the time. Sometimes, you have to take a step backward, think wisely and move two steps forward.
  • Power of Words. Bear in mind that words are so powerful. Use them wisely. Sometimes, with a carefully sewn words and proper tone of voice, you’ll get what you want.
  • Develop Network. Meet new people. Build relationships. Don’t talk to them just because you want something in return from them. Using people is very different from building a genuine relationship.
  • Be Proactive. Always think ahead of tomorrow. If you want success to be in your hands, think always about the day after tomorrow. Be proactive, not reactive. Always think of the worst case scenario, have contingency plans, so when they come along the way, you’re well-equipped and you can deal with them easily.
  • Be Visionary. Always have a clear vision of yourself and what you really want to be. Look at there straight. Don’t look anywhere else which will change your course towards it.
  • Think out of the Box. If you’re just going with the flow or contented with he mainstream, nothing will happen. Have those wild ideas. Be innovative. What we see around us are products of crazy and wild imaginations.
  • Update Yourself. Don’t be contented on what you already know. Keep on learning. Read and read. Watch news. This is a fast-pacing century and you never know when your learnings will be outdated.
  • Adopt to Change. Don’t resist it. It’ll be harder in your part. Remember that change is the only permanent thing on earth. Embrace it especially when it’ll do you something good, or beneficial on your part.
  • Adversity Quotient. It is a common notion that those persons who have a high IQ becomes successful but it is not. It’t not even EQ. But AQ. Life is full of path holes. So if you aren’t tough, you won’t make it.
  • Look in the Past. Don’t dwell in it. There are lessons from the past which can really be applicable to your current situations.
  • Keep your Conscience clean. Do things which are legally and morally accepted.
  • Enjoy. This is the key secret. This life is stressful, difficult, crucial and hard. So if you’ll take it very seriously, you’ll be more pressured and stressed. Enjoy. Treat yourself. Take a break. You need it.

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