Because You Only Live Once:

  • Sleep without taking a bath. Feel the dirt on your body
  • Go out with a very frizzy and messy hair. Who cares about bad hair day?
  • Sing out loud at the top of your lungs in public places even you hit the tune wrong. Who cares?
  • Dance like crazy when you hear a very festive song. It’s great.
  • Say your full name to every stranger you meet.
  • Go home very late. Don’t mind about preaches. Your parents are just concern. At least, you experienced the fun of the night.
  • Take several wacky pictures. That’s ridiculous but amazing!
  • Capture black and white pictures.
  • Let go of your true feelings.
  • Speak out your thoughts and opinions.
  • Kiss the one you love!
  • Dance in the rain. Whether you wear something or your totally naked. It’s fun!
  • Swim in the river. Flood will do. 😛
  • Love to the fullest. Hurt like hell. And dare to fall in love again
  • Do all of these.

3 thoughts on “Because You Only Live Once:

  1. Seems like the only things I have NOT done here are: say my name to every stranger, go home very late, wacky photos (because i just have to be pretty in all of them 😜)

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