“Someday, you will wake up with a very beautiful smile across your face and a positive outlook towards life because you’ve already conquered all the pains, fears and troubles of your past love. You’ve already moved on. You’ve already figured out the art of letting go. You’ve already accepted that the two of you are better off without one another and there is actually someone out there who deserves you. The endless tears, the killing heartbreaks, the burning heart, you’ve already forgotten all of them. And the one who hurt you? You’ve already forgiven him/her. You can already face that person again. Unlike before that you’re jumpy, tears are welling up in your eyes and you tried your hardest to avoid him/her because by just the sight of him/her, pains are unbearable. You can come face to face to that person without worrying that the old feelings will suddenly flash back. Then, the both of you can build the old friendship again. Friends, just like the old times. And you’re ready to open your heart again to someone and take all the risks. It will all happen, someday. Just so you wait.”


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