When You fall in love to a girl

You should be:

  • Understanding. Why? Because girls have this so-called mood swings that every now and then happens. If you are not understanding enough, that will always be the source of your fights and arguments.
  • Patient. Why? Once in a month, they will have menstrual period that we, boys can never ever understand how it feels. Be patient if her mood shifts from here to another.
  • Calm. Why? Girls are sensitive. If you are the kind of guy who loves to shout, most likely, you will hurt the feelings of your girl. Always be gentle and calm with the way you speak or express your feelings.
  • Gentle. Why? Gentle in the sense of being gentle. Whether in actions or in words. Every girl loves a gentleman. That makes them feel more feminine.
  • Affectionate. Why? Girls love it when their boys show their affection towards them because they can feel that they are truly loved. And one more thing, not all boys are showy. So if you show your affection to them, they will most likely feel that you really love them because you are not afraid to show your feelings.
  • Surprising. Why? Every girl loves surprises. It shouldn’t be big or extravagant. That thought that you exerted efforts to surprise them just to see them happy is very heart-warming.
  • Musician. Why? You don’t necessarily have to know all the instruments. At least one will do. Girls love being serenaded by the boys they love. It really makes them feel special.
  • Protective. Why? there are rude boys out there. They might disrespect your girls. So you should always be alert. You should protect them to those bad guys. They will love you more if you emerge as their knights in shining armors.
  • Listener/Adviser. Why? Girls have tons of insecurities in their system. They also love to brag and nag about something. You should always listen to them especially to their problems no matter how boring it gets in your perspective. You should always lend them your ears. And you should give them advises of what to do about certain cases.
  • Humorous. Why? Not every guy possessed this kind of ability. Though you are not the handsomest or the hottest guy out there, when you’ve got this thing, you can make her fall in love to you deeper.
  • Spontaneous. Why? Because girls appreciate it when your actions or your words come naturally. Not in a way that you forced them to come out of you. The feelings wouldn’t be there if it’s not spontaneous.

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