The Passion

The Passion

Tons of people can write but not everyone has the passion. Writing should be a passion. If you want to be a writer someday, you should be passionate about it. Without the passion, it’s just a waste of time. What you do will be just a piece of crap.

Writing is also an escape and way of expressing. I understand that most of the aspiring writers want to be famous. Of course, they want their thoughts to be heard. They want to serve as the voices of those people who can’t express themselves. But before they achieve such fame, they should keep in mind that they should first write for themselves. They should put pieces of themselves on whatever they are doing. They should pour their heart out because if they don’t do it, it will be just non-sense.

Readers can sense it if the writers are just writing to impress or garner fame. They can feel if the writers are truly enjoying what they are doing. They can feel if the writers actually have the passion in writing.

If you will just write for the sake of fame, you cannot ever call yourself a good writer. Writers write to fulfill and satisfy their passionate desire to write, not to please people. Yes, writers have readers but their first readers are themselves.

If you write for yourself, you will not even bother if people are criticizing your works because in the first place you write, not for them, You write for yourself. You write because you can’t live without writing.

If you have the passion in writing, you are one lucky individual. Just keep on writing.


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