Being Immortal

Do you think that it’s a cool idea? You will be immortal and you will be able to do the things you want to do. You will not fear death because you can defy it. You will not worry about danger, fatal illness and calamities because you will not die. You are immortal so you will challenge yourself to death. You will do the most dangerous acts that can cause death to an ordinary human being. Cool, isn’t it?

But then, being immortal is one of the saddest things that can ever happen to humans (if it actually exists). Every people around you whom you value, love and treasure so much will gradually pass away. They will all leave you behind. Do you want something like that? Do you want to be left alone in a world full of strangers?

From generations to generations, you will witness tragic deaths of people. Especially those people who are close to your heart. Seeing something like that is even more terrifying than actual death. Seeing your love ones die actually kills you. Your physical immortality can’t help you with this.

Being immortal is cool if all the people you love are immortals too.

But then, when you are immortal, you will be restless. You will have to battle this life relentlessly . And that sucks. People needs rest. That’s why be thankful that you are mortal because someday, it will all end.


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