We Will All Meet There

There are people in my life who certainly did touch my heart but unfortunately, due to a tragic fate, they are all gone. it hurt me a lot. My heart has been torn into pieces. It was badly broken. But I know that it’s part of the process. I’s part of this crucial life for me to be stronger.

Death of someone important in my life is the most painful heartache I’ve ever encountered because no matter what I do, they will never ever come back. They are already gone for good. All I’ve got now were memories of them in my head. Surely, those things will never be forgotten. It hurt but I gotta cope u with it. I gotta move on because if I will be stuck in the moment, I will just lose the best things this life has to offer.

My love ones who passed away will never be happy if they see me being lonely all of the time due to their deaths. They’ll never be glad if they see me acting like a weakling. They will never want me to be suppressed with the pains of the past. They want me to continue my battle with this life like I used to when they are still alive.

Simply because. we will all meet there. To that Paradise they talk about. As of now, they are my angels guiding me as I go through in life. They are all watching me over from there.

Someday, we will all meet there when it’s the right time.


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