Unwanted Deaths

Unwanted Deaths

Death is the saddest phase that every mortal being has to face. We, people are bound to die. We have our end point. Like the old saying goes, every beginning has its ending. Our life begins at the time our mothers gave birth to us. And it will end at the time we take our last breath.
Everybody wants a long life but life is full of uncertainties and no one knows the time of his/her death. No one knows what kind of death s/he has to suffer whether due to old age, calamity, disaster, disease or accident.
And there are unwanted deaths. Why? Because there are people who died though they are not yet ready. Like those hit by a car accidentally, those who have been murdered, those who have been raped, then killed, those who were fatally sicked.
Those people still want to live but because of the fortuitous events of life, they died. They all have unwanted deaths. They all want to battle with this crucial life but due to a tragic fate, they died. Sad but true.
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