Five Things You Should Stop

  1. Stop Thinking Too Much. It just gives you worries and problems which actually don’t exist in the first place. You are the one who creates your own stress. You have your own silly ways of making yourself worried and stressed. You seemed to have stock of piles of how to make you anxious about something. So stop. Let your mind rest for a while. It will benefit the both of you.
  2. Stop Writing. When you don’t have something to write about. When you don’t have the urge. Don’t force yourself to think for topics or ideas ‘cuz if you pursue it, your writing skill will aloof you. Or the way you write will look forced and not natural. The passion will not be present. Have a break. Nobody’s forcing you to write. Relax your mind. Grab your pen and paper when ideas keep on flowing and you’re in good condition and mood.
  3. Stop Complaining. Be contented. Life is just a matter of appreciation. Learn how to appreciate whatever you have right now. Somebody may be experiencing something worse than you. Somebody may have nothing. You’re still lucky. Remember that.
  4. Stop Procrastinating. Time is Gold. Do the things which are really important. You should know the differences of urgent and important, not urgent but important, urgent but not important and not urgent and not important.
  5. Stop Being a Fool in Love. If the person you love keeps on taking you for granted, don’t chase for him/her. There’s a lot of fishes in the ocean. You deserve someone better who will appreciate your worth and value. You deserve to be loved. If that person doesn’t want you, so be it. Just prove to him/her that it’s his/her loss. Prove to him/her that he/she let go of the best thing he/she could ever have.

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