Perfect Relationship

I don’t want a perfect relationship because that’s too boring. Perfection is boring. There’s no spice and twist that will make the relationship healthy. I want to shave some crazy, silly and childish arguments wherein I will do my hardest for her forgiveness. I want to have sleepless nights just thinking what have I done wrong and pondering what to do to win her heart again. I want some little jealousy to show possessiveness and love. I want some silly fights that will end up with tight hugs, kisses and endless I love you’s. I want these things because it will help the relationship to be tighter and the love and bind to be stronger.

Those silly things make the relationship worthwhile, exciting and worth-fighting for. But above all, I want a relationship that no matter how many trials we face, both of us will fight for our love. NO one will let go. NO one will give up.

I want a relationship that lasts. 


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