Regretful Love

Are you aware of what you make me feel? If you may ask, even I didn’t expect that I will feel this way towards you. I f I can only bring back time, I will escape the part that we first met because if that doesn’t happen, I will never have this love in me.

Falling in love to someone like you is not easy. It just brings me pains and tons of heartaches. I am just invisible to you. I want to forget you but everytime I do that. it seems that I am falling to you harder and harder.

Can you take away the spell and magic you have casted upon me? I am tired of this love and the way you take me for granted like I am a mere nothing. I am longing for you but you never even bother to give me a second to check what situation I’m in because of this feeling. I love you but together with this love are hatred and vengeance. I can’t wait for the day that I will be over you and what will be left in my heart was nothing.


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