The Dance She didn’t Give

It was our Christmas Party then. And it can be somewhat called as little Valentine’s party because lovers can have their moments when sweet love songs play. They can have the floor to have sweet dance.

As a teenager then, yes, I fell in love. She is one of my classmates. She is one of the most famous students at our school because she is very beautiful. I collected all of my courage because I wanted to grab that opportunity to dance with her. 

We are in pilot section that’s why we are famous to the lower sections. The ‘geeks’ as they might say. 

I searched for this special girl as my heart pounded hard like drums. And there she was, sitting around some of our classmates and my best friend. But they are surrounded with lots of students from lower sections. 

Inhale. Exhale. This is the moment. I walked towards her to ask her to dance with ‘My Valentine’.

But do you know what she did? Oh geez! She declined my offer! She rejected me in front of those students whose eyes are fixed on us! Wow! The most embarrassing moment of my high school life. 

My classmates then are encouraging her to dance with me because I was badly humiliated but she was stubborn like hell. So I ended up dancing my friend. Tss. That moment! Wow! The dance she didn’t give. Still up to now, I can’t over by that fact. I really can’t imagined that I will be humiliated in front of a crowd like that. I wanted to be eaten by the ground at that moment. If I could only see my face then… 

But eventually, I figured out that she really really wanted to dance with me but she was very afraid of her aunt who turned to be one of our teachers. Strict family line. Tss. 


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