One Word in Love that Can Change Your Life

One Word in Love that Can Change your Life
  • Trust- Of course for a relationship to last, both parties should have trust to one another.
  • Sacrifice- If you really love a person, you are willing to sacrifice everything just for him/her to see him/her happy. You will sacrifice even your own happiness just for him/her.
  • Okay- One of the biggest lies in love. Okay, He/she is okay but indeed, deep inside he/she is really crying. You can see the pains through his/her eyes. And the only thing he/she can utter is ‘Okay’
  • Pains- In love, it will never really happen that you will not be in pains. Pains are part of love and they help make the relationship stronger and sturdier. They bind the lovers.
  • Sorry- Sometimes, when you are badly in pain, sorry has no effect to you anymore even you love that person so. And eventually it will lead to…
  • Goodbye- Yes, it hurts but it will hurt you both more if you don’t say this.

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