Being broken in love is really inevitable, It’s part of the process. There is nothing to be ashamed of when you got your heart so much broken.

You tend to cry and cry ’til your eyes cry no more, listen to old love songs while reminiscing to the good and sweet memories you used to share, reading old love letters all over again which reflect how much happiness you’ve shared.

As much as you do all of theses, you realize that you just love him/her more and more and it kills you everytime you remember that you cannot be together.

Moving on, that’s the only solution, But there are some people who wants to take revenge for the so much pains they have endured. They also want to prove to that someone who broke their hearts that s/he’s not ‘worthy’ (even deep inside, they still love them) so the tendency is that they will use innocent people. They will let those people fall hard for them and use them for their own benefits and sake. How cruel is that? Using somebody as an instrument to forget.

Didn’t they know that it’s unfair? They already know the feeling of being in hell so why they let somebody else feel it? Why don’t they just live the saying ‘The buck stops here.’ If you’re one of the broken hearted people, don’t use any innocent people. Don’t be one of them.

If you want to move on, do it all by yourself. Don’t get any more people be involved because it will just branch out more pains and heartaches. If you know that someone else like you, but you also know that you’re still in love with your ex, don’t take it as an advantage. Don’t enter into a relationship unless you are 101% sure you’ve moved on. DON’T USE PEOPLE.


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