Thought You’d Always Be Mine

You promised forever. You said you’ll love me always. You wished upon the star that we’ll be together ’til the end. You believed that we are destined for each other. You built your dreams around me. You said you can’t imagine your whole life being with someone not me.

But what happened to all the promises that you made with me? They are now like dust blown away by a strong wind. I thought you’d always be mind. But within a blink of an eye, you’re gone. You left me hanging in the air. You brought me deafening sounds of pains. You drowned me in the sea of heartaches. You took away my heart just like taking away my life.

You are my life. My world revolved around you. So how could you do this to me? You’re one of the treacherous serpents in love. You let me bite off the dust.

I’ve got no one to hold on since you left cause I thought you’d always be mine. 


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