Whenever people fall in love, they tend to give all to the persons who have special parts in their hearts so that they can ensure that they will stay with them in the long run. They always satisfy the needs and wants of their love ones They show their worth and value. They do and give everything to prove how much they love them. They always want the persons they love to be happy all the time. Because they are crazy and madly in love, they prefer the happiness of their partners rather than their own.

But as much as they want to satisfy and fill the hearts of their love ones with happiness, many forget about themselves. That’s the sad reality. Many are giving their 101% without even considering themselves. Many tend to forget that they also need what they give to their love ones. They also need the affection, caress, concern and love. They are also human beings like the one they love.

And there are instances that many people have had hard time to move on whenever they have been left alone by the person they truly love because nothing was left with them.

Everybody must know to love themselves first because if they give and pour all to that someone, they will likely the one to suffer the most.

It is not bad to fall in love hard. But everybody must know how to control their feelings. They should keep it balance. 50:50 or if it can’t really be avoided, 75:25 so at least, there is the 25% chance that they can get back to track easily just in case, they have been left hanging. Remember, life is full of uncertainties. So does love. You can never be assure that the one who loves you most for now will still be the same someone who wants to be with you in the end and vise versa.



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