To all girls,

We, boys may act rude in front of you but that’s our only way to fight the butterflies inside us because we might stammer if we talk to you. So by just acting ‘rude’, cool, tough and aggressive, it can boost our confidence. Though for you, it’s not good, that’ our only resort.

We just want you to understand our feelings. We, boys are still human, strong outside but weak inside. We may be acting tough and as if we don’t care in front of you but if you will just lend some time to find the key into our hearts, listen to our stories and heed our thoughts, you will understand us more. You will understand why we are like this.

Most of the times, you bag about us, why we’re like this and that but have you ever wonder and care about our feelings? You always have your rants about something and all we do is to listen to you but did you ever give us a chance to let you hear what’s going through us?

Yes, we love you and you say that you love us too, but all what we need more is understanding. We are your protectors and guardians because we all want you to be safe, but we can’t guarantee you that we are strong at all times. Sometimes, we want to feel your comfort, concern, affection and protection. We also need those things that you need. We could build a strong and genuine relationship if you just know us better. If you realized that


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