Cruel Love

Love is the greatest feeling and it’s one of the most magical things on earth but despite of its magic, it also have its cruelties. It is a treacherous thing. One moment, it will make you feel that you’re floating in cloud nine but all of a sudden, it will make you feel like you’re in hell. The following instances kill and the reasons why love is cruel:

  • It is an unrequited love. No matter what you do, that person can’t love you back
  • All your efforts to show how much that person means to you are all wasted and not appreciated
  • That person keeps on pushing you away
  • You keep on missing that person but s/he doesn’t even bother to think of you
  • That person only sees you as a friend, younger brother or sister
  • That person is just using you as an instrument to forget his/her painful past
  • When you admit your feelings, that person suddenly walks away and you become somebody that s/he used to know.
  • Maybe you both love each other, but you are not meant to be together. There will be no chance for it.

See? Just like the line in Taylor Swift’s ‘Mine’, ‘Why we bother with love if it never lasts?’ Love is so cruel. It loves playing games with people’s heart and loves striking Achilles’ Heel of the hearts. It loves seeing us at our most vulnerable point.

Despite its cruelty, we fall in love because it is really inevitable. We choose falling in love because our hearts can’t help it. It is part of our life. Its treachery and cruelty are the attributes which make falling in love a great fall. There is that spice in love. If love is not cruel, how could we learn? Be strong? And realize/appreciate what happiness, loneliness, laughter, and pains are?

The cruelty of love makes it more magical. Just like in a magic show, there are always tricks before we see the actual performance, the real magic. Just like in love, we also have to be in pains first before we can find the actual happiness.



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