I, myself is one of those persons who are hopeless romantic. And in my opinion, there is nothing wrong in being such one. It is much better to be a hopeless romantic rather than pushing yourself to that someone to love you back if s/he can’t in the first place.

Daydreaming, writing silly love letters, love and country songs, listening to old love songs while dreaming of him/her, sleeping late at night just to think of him/her, that are the common things a hopeless romantic does.

I wonder why the persons we love can’t appreciate us. Why can’t they realize that by choosing us, they could be happier than ever in their entire life. Because we are madly in love with them, just to prove our love, we can do anything and everything for them. Why couldn’t they see us? Why couldn’t they realize that we are just here and by choosing us, we can have the greatest love story written in history.

While writing this, I figured out the answer. We will not be hopeless romantic as we are right now if that happens.



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