Searching For Love

Love is like music, it is everywhere. In every people’s heart, there is love. But why does not everybody finds it? One may feel it over a person but the other one doesn’t feel the same way. If it is everywhere, why is it here are still people who feel that they are not love? People who still want to be wanted? People who are broken hearted? Maybe because, love is a mystery.

The lingering question in every person’s mind is, ‘Do we have to search for love?’ In my opinion, no. We shouldn’t search for it. OA it may see but we don’t have to go from places to places to find love. It will come on its own time and will and mostly, when we least expect it. I believe that there is always a reserve love for everyone. The reserve love which will ease all the pains we felt in our past. The reserve love which will make us realize that fairytales still do exist nowadays. The reserve love that will fill our hearts and lives full of happiness. And with that reserve love, we may live the line of ‘They live happily ever after.’

We don’t have to search, we all just have to be patient of waiting for that perfect reserve love to come into our lives. We may never know, s/he is just right there in front of our eyes, waiting for us.



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