Business Administration

Before, I thought that Business Administration is a safe course. And to be honest, my first notion about this course is that it should only be taken for those persons who have their own family business. But I was wrong. As I go along with this course, I realized that this is an interesting course. That my first premonition about this is really wrong. This course needs a lot of patience and ideas. Add up some understanding and a futuristic mind.

I took up Human Resources Management (though my professor told me that I could also be in the Marketing field) because I love interacting with other people. I love talking to them and knowing their life stories because I do believe that it can help me in my own writing purposes. And I believe that I’m on the right path. I never regret choosing this major.

Yes, of course I want to be employed some other time. But I want to establish a new culture to the company I will be applying to eventually. I want to make some changes there for the better. That whenever they hear that specific program, it’s I that they will remember. Also, I will strive hard to be on the top management. I have dreams.

I also want to put up my own business. But before, I don’t have any idea what kind of business i will be putting in. But a while ago, while I was riding on a jeepney, I realized what I want. It’s a coffee shop. I am not a coffee-drinker, so why would I put up a business like this? To be honest, aside from offering my own product, I also want to offer relaxation to my customers. I want them to feel stress-free whenever they are in my shop. Stuffs like that.

Of course, writing will never be gone. I want to write all of my experiences someday so that it will serve as a guideline to future business persons. 


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