Symptoms of Love

Love is a mysterious thing in this world. You will never know when it is going to attack you. Mostly, it’s when you least expect it. But there are some ‘symptoms’ which can help you trigger if you’re already in love to someone or not.

  • You always want to be close to him or her
  • You always want to know everything about him or her. e.g what’s s/he’s doing, favorites, likes and dislikes.
  • You can’t see anybody else when you are with him/her
  • You are so much and very happy with him/her around
  • You are blooming more than ever
  • You are always in good mood
  • You are having sleepless nights because s/he is always running in your head
  • S/he always enters your mind without any warning
  • There is suddenly a sweet smile across your face when s/he crossed your thoughts
  • You feel the stupid jealousy when s/he’s with someone else
  • You are always looking for him/her
  • You are going crazy about him/her
  • You appreciate the love songs you don’t even bother listening before. You suddenly hear the music and its meaning, not just the lyrics.
  • You smile when someone suddenly mentions his/her name.

And last, there is someone running in your head while reading this. Ayee! 😛



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