Define Sexy

It is a common notion to everyone that sexy is somebody who is slim, has a great body, big boobs, great curves and big ass…. stuffs like that. But for me, that is not what sexy is.

For me, the sexiness of a girl stands-out through her thoughts, words and wisdom. How she acts on a certain situation. How she carries herself. How she expresses her feelings and thoughts to other people. Brain is the sexiest part of the body right?

So the sexiest girls are the smartest. πŸ™‚



13 thoughts on “Define Sexy

  1. You are probably the weirdest boy I have ever come across. What is wrong with you? Brains? Are you sure you are not a woman? My word or an alien? I applaud you. You are very wise indeed and one day life shall reward this. I bow my head.

    • wow! that was so nice of you! i really appreciate your compliments friend, it really made my day and bring so much happiness in me. thanks a lot! take care! hahaha. why do you say so that I am weird? πŸ™‚ btw, thanks for following me.

      • You prefer brains over boobs. I don’t know if I just live among idiots and imbeciles but here it is the other way around mostly. So to me, you are weird which is a good thing in this case. Maybe one day I shall meet you in the insane asylum.

      • yes, what would i do to a boob if her brain is empty, right? boob will depreciate eventually but the wisdom of a girl doesn’t. yes, i get your point that that ‘weird’ thing is a compliment. i’m used to it. but being weird is a privilege because you’re one of a kind. so do i! i also want to meet you. btw, where are you from? i’m from the philippines.

      • hahaha you are really far and miles away from here. you are an african of just an immigrant there? because i have this notion that africans are black. sorry. i was wrong

      • Don’t worry you and about every other non-african. I’m a “Boer” as people would call most Afrikaans (My native language) white South Africans. It is true that most of our population consists of black people but there are plenty of whites as well and wild animals do not roam free in our backyards… He he he

      • o, i really never thought that there are white africans because mostly, what i’ve seen on movies are black ones. πŸ™‚ btw, what time is it there? it’s 12:20am here June 26

    • o, i see. i really never thought that there are white africans because mostly, what i’ve seen on movies are black ones. btw, what time is it there? it is 12:20 am here, june 26

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