You can’t See a World Through A Mirror

That’s a line from Avril Lavigne’s song ‘Too Much to Ask’ and it hit me so I wrote something about it.

You have to go out of your comfort zone and go out of the shell. Nothing will happen if you just stay there. You should explore for brand new things and experiences. Fill your life story with beautiful things. Life offers a lot of varieties so it’s up to you what you will choose or take.

If you just care for yourself, nothing will happen to you. Interact with a lot of people as much as possible and try to know them more. Know pieces of their lives. Eventually, you’ll see that it will help you grow as a person and individual. Life needs to be explored. If you’re just looking at the center of the mirror, you will just see emptiness. Try to look at the background to make it complete, vibrant and more colorful.

A picture becomes more beautiful because of its surroundings. 


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