To my future daughters and sons

It is Fathers’ Day today. And I am glad that I’m still not able to meet you today because I am just 19! I am still too young to be a father. LOL! Maybe we could see each other in 10-15 years. Kinda long, eh? Are you excited to meet me? We’ll come to that, okay? But for now, I will finish my studies and find a good and stable work so I can provide you a good living. And also, the girl I want to be your mother and I are not still in a relationship! Hahaha. I still have to wait for her, okay? Your mom is kinda…. oh, hard-to-get. So if we see each other in the future, tell her that, okay? Hahaha.

I will do my best to be a good and responsible father to you. I also want you to treat me as your best friend who you can trust all your secrets and problems.

You know what, I even imagine your physical appearance even though I haven’t met you. LOL! That’s how futuristic I am! Of course, you are all beautiful and handsome like your mother and father. 😛 I also imagine how am I going to raise you in the future. 😛

BTW, you are Athena Penelope, Janus Umbriel, Athena Stephanie and Janus Gabriel.

Love lots,

Your future dad, JE


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