Wild Imagination

People are rational beings. And that what makes us a higher form of creatures than animals. Most people have wild imagination and way of thinking. That’s why we see things now that make our living easier and faster. Without the knowledge and imagination of those people, I believe that earth is still in its primitive state.

But sometimes, due to that wild imagination, people tend to think things that shouldn’t be bothered about. With a simple thing that occurs, they can create branches of things which eventually will become problems. And due to that, they will be anxious and uneasy. And some are imagining things which just bring them stress.

Mostly, because of people’s wild imagination, things that shouldn’t be bothered about become problems.

Hakuna matata or life without worries. That is what everybody wants. But because of the wild imagination and to the fact that life shouldn’t be anticipated because it is full of surprises, it becomes impossible.

Imagination is not healthy sometimes. So we should stop and thinking too much if we want to reduce our stress. Everything that is too much is poisonous. All we have to do is to trust God and His plans/actions for us. J Stop worrying. Stop using your wild imagination to non-sense things.

Thanks, JE


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