My Senior Year

My Senior Year

I am 19 years old and on my last year in college

One year to go, I’ll earn my very first wage

Who would ever thought that I’ll be in this stage?

My first day of school will start tomorrow

Five o’clock in the afternoon, Tuesday, just so you know

And I bet, my school allowance is still low

Summer vacations, my friend, I will miss you

Hope to see you soon, but for now, adieu

I’m now in my senior year, do I have to feel blue?

Right now, I have mixed emotions while writing this

The goofy stuffs I did last summer, I’ll surely miss

To my senior year, I should give a welcome kiss

Old buddy pressure and stress will be there absolutely

Of course, sleepless nights are part of the story

And one thing is for sure, my senior year is tricky

But I should enjoy every part of my senior year, still

Even in surprises and unexpected things, it’ll be filled

No matter what, I’ll graduate and that’s a deal

Thanks, Je


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