Give-and-Take Relationship

Okay, let’s start with the basic. Boy meets girl. They’ve got a crush on each other. Getting coyed but eventually will be friends and as the friendship goes deeper, love’s form. The boy will court the girl and after a few das/weeks/months/years, they will be in a relationship. An official boyfriend and girlfriend. That’s the common process how a relationship formed, right?

But many get the wrong notion that it is all over when the boy wins the girl’s hearts. That is just when the ‘real thing’ begins. The art of keeping each other.

They both love each other so they should do everything it takes to return their good relationship. Sometimes, the boy almost forgets the things he used to do when he is still courting the girl. Being a girl, of course, she wants that her boy to be sweet and it was as if the boy is still wooing her even they’re already in a relationship.

To all boys who are in a relationship, still show how much you love your girls. It doesn’t matter how big or small the effort is because at the end of the day, they will all be appreciated.

But that not only goes to boys. As to you, girls, of course, you should exert efforts to keep your boys. Even boys look strong and tough outside, they are still humans and have soft hearts. They may not admit it to you but they also want to be pampered. They also want to feel your concern, affection and appreciation. They also want you to exert efforts for them as much as they do to you. They have feelings too!

In science, there is this so-called mutualism which explains that both parties are benefited from each other. And I believe that that also applies to a relationship. Every relationship should be a give-and-take.

If a relationship goes in a way the only one part is only taking and the other one keeps on giving, the tendency is the one who always give might get tired. Most likely, the relationship will end. In a relationship, it doesn’t matter who loves more between the two. As long as they both have feelings they should exert efforts to keep each other. Whether a boy/girl, they’re just equal when it comes to love.

Understanding is the best ingredient for a relationship to last.

thanks, Je


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