Facts About LIFE

  1. Life is a step by step process
  2. Everything in life is temporary
  3. You may not have everything in life but at least you have your life that means everything
  4. Not everything that happens in your life is important
  5. People will just come and go and be back
  6. Life is a continuous travel. If you ran out of fuel, it’s up to you if you will refill/reload or not
  7. Life is an on-going telenovela. You can feel all sorts of emotions as you go along
  8. Life is the reasons why writers have something to write about
  9. Life means LIVE IT FULL of ENTHUSIASM. Life may have its upward and downward moments but you just have to enjoy every part of it.
  10. In life, only the losers and weaklings quit.
  11. Life is a cruel ride. But no matter what, you have to ride on
  12. Life offers us lot of chances and opportunities that will hone us as persons
  13. Life is about perfect timing. You will be at your peak point if you know how to wait
  14. Life is meant to be thought about logically and critically like a chess game before you execute your moves
  15. Life is not always good and funny times and moments. That will be boring for sure.
  16. Life is full of spices that might not match our taste buds but we have to endure
  17. Life is routinary. It is only up to us how we will enjoy every precious second.
  18. Life is a once-in-a-lifetime gift that we have to treasure and value so much
  19. Life shouldn’t be anticipated because it is full of unexpected things. And sometimes, best moments come when you least expect them
  20. Life is a blank book. It’s up to us how are we going to fill those blank pages with beautiful stories and experiences. Its thickness may vary with our age but so does with the actions, risks and experiences we take.
  21. Life is really difficult to deal with. But why we are all striving hard to live if we will all die eventually? Simply because we all have our purposes. Some may already know it. Some may not but eventually we will all unfold it. We are born to be somebody.



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