Problems in Life

Life is full of unexpected things and one of those is the problems. Does anybody want problems in their life? Of course not! Who would not want a life full of happiness and nothing but happiness and laughter? But for sure, that will be boring.

Problems are not created to pull us down. Instead, for us to strive harder. They are part of each person’s life because they give us lessons that will make us better persons than we used to be. With problems, we emerge as stronger persons. They say that God will not give us problems that we can’t surpass. And that’s true. I believe that God loves us. He gives problems because He loves us. He just wants us to learn something. Problems are blessings in disguise. Something better will come up after we survive the storms of life.

They also say that there’s no padlock created without a key. And that same goes with problems in life. There is always a solution for every problem. All we have to do is trust Him, don’t give up and try our best-est to resolve the problems we encounter.

Problems are also a way for us to communicate with God. Do you think most people will still talk and pray to Him if life is perfect? For sure, many will forget the Great Creator.

Problems aren’t reasons for us to give up. Life still goes even it’s full of miseries but remember that there’s always a rainbow after the rain. Problems aren’t also a reason for people to commit suicide. Geez! That’s a pathetic thing to do! Why would someone waster their precious lives for such stupid problems? Problems are just problems. We shouldn’t let them pull us down. No matter how big they are, our God is bigger than them.

For me, people who commit suicide are weaklings and pathetic. They are just creating more and more problems when they do the act! They don’t have a strong will power. They didn’t think about the people who will suffer after they committed suicide. Instead of solving the problems, they just created more.

There are a lot of people out there who have much bigger problems but look… they are still there. Still striving in life. Why? Because they are strong. They didn’t let stupid problems rule over their lives. We should look at them as inspirations.

Laughter, smiles and prayers are just the few things which can help to solve the problems. They may not fully resolve but at least, they may lessen the burden.

I am a 19-year old Filipino and I’m proud to be one because you know what, even we have problems, Filipinos can still laugh out loud and have big smiles across our faces. As I’ve said, problems aren’t the reason for us to give up.


Thanks, JE


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