What if suddenly, somebody asked you ‘Are you afraid to die?’ Can you assertively and confidently say ‘No, I’m not because eventually we will all die?’

I am 19 years old right now. I never thought that I can actually reached this point of my life because when I was younger, I just keep on playing or just imagining the things I love to write about. Actually, I am lucky enough that I became 19 years old ‘cuz not everybody is able to be at this age.

To tell you honestly, if somebody will ask me that question above now, I will say YES, I AM AFRAID. VERY MUCH AFRAID.

Geez! I’m just 19! I have a lot of things I want to do and dreams I want to achieve in my life! I am still too young to die now.

I’m still an undiscovered songwriter/writer. I’m still not one of the greatest songwriters that the Philippines or even the world has ever produced. I still haven’t finished my studies. I still don’t have a good and permanent job. I still don’t have a love life. I want to marry the girl I love and build a family with her and our four kids whom I will name as Athena Penelope, Janus Umbriel, Athena Stephanie and Janus Gabriel.

I still don’t have a house and lot, and three sports cars. I’m still not able to give my family a great way of living.

See? I still have a lot of things I want to do. That’s why I am AFRAID TO DIE. Yes, I know for a fact that I will eventually die but I wish and pray to God that it will happen when I am old, have a lot of wrinkles and my hair turned all gray.

I am not fulfilled yet. And I guess, that same reason goes to those persons why they are afraid to die like me. Life is a fulfillment so why would you give up if you’re not still fulfilled?

If I will be given a change to choose what kind of death I want, I don’t want to die in severe disease or in an accidents/calamities. I just want to die in a natural way. Aging. Before I die, I want to self-actualize. I want to reminisce the things I have done when I was younger. I want to reflect what life did I have. Is it something inspirational or just a trash? Stuffs like that.

But nowadays, people should be grateful if they reach the age of 50. Even 40 because of the environment, pollution and food, life becomes shorter.

How I wish I live a hundred years or more.

Thanks, JE


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