Taken for Granted

Why there are people who keeps on hurting and taking for granted somebody even the person only knows how to love him/her and exerting too much efforts to prove his/her love?

Didn’t they know that it feels like hell? When the one you love so keeps on pushing you away.  A person who is blinded by love suddenly becomes a fool that’s why s/he keeps on insisting him/herself to the person s/he loves even s/he knows it wouldn’t be fruitful (And I am guilty of that. LOL!)

But seriously, it’s hard. No matter how many times my mind tells me to stop, my heart keeps on telling me yes, push it through because inside me, there’s a voice telling me that someday it will be paid off.

My only advice to those persons who are experiencing the same thing as mine, move on. Yeah, it is hard because it’s a process. But help yourself. Don’t be like me who is a prisoner of my past. There’s a lot of fishes in the ocean. Find someone better who loves you too and appreciate the things you do. So, the next time you see that old love interest of yours, you can look at him/her with a proud smile telling ‘Take a look at me now, I’m the one you turned down.’ Show him/her that s/he shouldn’t have taken you for granted because you’re one-of-a-kind.

Thanks, JE


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