1. A thing which has a lot of sub-categories and you can never ever master each one of them, so does love itself because it’s full of twists, turns, tricks, surprises and uncertainties.
  2. A four-letter word that people go crazy about.
  3. Like a calamity that happens in every people. It is an unexpected thing that will come at our utmost unreadiness.
  4. A paint that colors somebody’s heart in different shades.
  5. Like slippers that we carry wherever we go
  6. Music that we can find everywhere
  7. What makes the smartest a fool, the strongest a weakling, the loneliest a joyous, and the hopeless full of life
  8. A word that can never be fully explained by a person unless felt
  9. A mysterious thing that can never be revealed
  10. The common reason why we are all here
  11. One of the topics that everybody loves to talk about and could relate into
  12. The reason why a lazy person can write a long inspirational texts.
  13. So complex that you could write a book to explain it but still not enough
  14. The reason why many get inspired and they all want to wake up
  15. The inspiration of many songwriters
  16. The reason why we are happy, hurt, confused, crazy, disappointed and fearful all at the same time
  17. The sweetest drug that we can get addicted to but still can’t get enough
  18. A medicine that can make a madly in love person overdose
  19. A need and want but not all can be satisfied
  20. When you look in the mirror and see the person who loves you most next to God
  21. The reason why you are so inspired doing something you even hate before
  22. What makes us cling to false hope
  23. In reality but can be found in fairytales
  24. The reason why we can do things that we thought we can never do
  25. Achieved through patience and long wait if true
  26. A chance that everybody has but not all are capable of prolonging
  27. Not lust. It is a higher and greater feeling full of respect
  28. A voice within only your heart can hear.

Thanks JE


7 thoughts on “LOVE IS…

  1. “The reason why you are so inspired doing something you even hate before”

    ~ Couldn’t agree more. Love makes us change and most of the time, it’s for the better.

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