Can’t Lose What You never Had

I’ve been listening to Westlife’s song of the same title above. I don’t know if I will concur to that statement or now. Obviously, it’s referring to love/ if you’re going to take it literally, of course, it makes sense. You cannot lose what you never had. How could you lose something or someone you never had in the first place, right?

But if you will see it figuratively, somewhat yes and somewhat no.

Yes, in the sense that you cannot lose that specific person in terms of being a love because s/he doesn’t love you like the way you do. You never had him/her as a lover. But if you started as friends and you have fallen for him/her, there is something you’re going to lose. And that is friendship. Simple as that.

S/he is just treating you as a friend but you treat him/her more than that so there’s a high tendency that s/he might feel awkward and uneasy with you all of a sudden. That is a common issue when only one party is in love. You are lucky enough if the friendship remains after love exists in your heart.

But mostly, when love strikes, the friendship gets ruined. S/he might say that ‘It’s okay. We’re still friends’ but you, all by yourself, you can see and sense that there are changes between you. The closeness you shared before was lessened and you can feel that s/he is somewhat uncomfortable with your presence.

If before, you two can be alone, but after love gets involved, s/he is always with a companion when s/he’s going to see and be with you. S/he is already conscious with your feelings so s/he might think that what you used to do might have some other meaning or malice for you that for him/her have none.

And the worst scenario? S/he is totally avoiding you because of your feelings that s/he can never ever return.

Piece of advice? Geez! I have none. All I can say is that do not admit your feelings for someone if you are afraid to lose the closeness and friendship you have unless you are sure how s/he finds you or what s/he feels towards you. But love is one of the hardest things to deal with. It’s full of uncertainties. It is all about taking the risks. Falling in love is already a risk because you are already showing your vulnerability. And if you are brave enough in love, you will take more risks. Either risk of being loved back or risk of being hurt.

Can’t lose what you never had? You cannot find the answer unless you risk.

Thanks, JE


3 thoughts on “Can’t Lose What You never Had

  1. “Can’t lose what you never had? You cannot find the answer unless you risk.”

    Love it!! Applicable din siya sa ibang mga bagay maliban sa love. Nice reflection. 🙂

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