Have You Ever Wonder?

Have you ever wonder…

  1. How many billion of words you said in your whole life?
  2. How long will your nails and hair go if you don’t cut them?
  3. How much money you already spent in your lifetime? (if you saved it, maybe you’re already a millionaire)
  4. How many liters of water you drank in your lifetime?
  5. How many times you took your bath in your lifetime?
  6. How much food you have eaten in your lifetime?
  7. How many steps you made in your lifetime just to reach your destination?
  8. How much energy you have consumed?
  9. How many hours you have slept since your birth?
  10. How much time you have wasted?
  11. How many people did you see?
  12. How many words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs your have written?
  13. How many times you listened to your old favorite songs?
  14. How many times you laugh or cry over something or someone?
  15. How many times you have forgiven somebody for doing that same stupid old mistake?
  16. How much you love?
  17. How many times you’ve been hurt?

People have lots of questions and wonderings in their life but no matter what they do, those questions were meant to be unanswered.

Thanks, JE


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