Filipino Language

I am a proud 19-year old Filipino living in a province. And throughout my whole existence here in the Philippines, I’ve learned a lot. I bet, my country helped me to be me. If I was not born here, for sure, the JE known by many will be definitely different. Of course, the tradition and culture of other countries are different from ours here.

Of course, my native tongue is Filipino. And I can express myself, my thoughts and opinions very well with that language. English is just secondary here in the Philippines. Fortunately, I was able to learn that.

It will be much better if my followers/readers here at wordpress are able to understand Filipino language because with that, I can easily say my thoughts and opinions and share my experiences and essay without any hassle. Because sometimes, when I am using the English language, I can’t seem to find the perfect word that will jive to my sentences. It will take me a while before I find the word.

But I am a WRITER and a BLOGGER so I should think about my readers. And since most of them can understand the English language, I should be the one who should adjust. And that’s what I am doing right now. Haha. Even I am fumbling for words in my head, I still try my best to write in English for my readers.

Ganon kayo kalakas sa ‘kin eh (Pathetic, I can’t translate this in English! Hahaha. But it means something good!)

Thanks, JE


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