1:00 AM

It’s already one in the morning here in the Philippines but here I am right now, wide awake and typing this post. Yes, we need sleep to revive our lost energies but sometimes I don’t want to lay in my bed. You know what, sleeping is one of the hardest things to make. You are not sure how long will it take for you to have a good sleep. Whenever I’m on my bed, thoughts keep on coming in my mind. Thoughts that might be happy, funny, sad or even worrying. Sometimes, it’s much better if I am wide awake doing some stuffs I love to do because with that, my mind was shifted to that particular thing I’m doing, unlike when I am alone or when I am lying in my bed.

I love to use my head. But it is kinda ironic that sometimes I hate it. Because I think a lot. I have a very wild imagination. With just a very simple thing that occurred, I can imagine a lot of wild and crazy things. Pathetic. I don’t know what this post is all about. I just want to share whatever is going through my head. This is an open writing post like a diary.

If too much thinking kills, geez, I was off since then. Haha. I don’t know why I think a lot. Even things that shouldn’t be bothered about, I still worry for them. That’s why I love writing and writing a journal so that with that I can release my thoughts, stress, stories and stuffs.

This is really a pathetic and non-sense post.

Thanks, JE


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