I’m Enrolled!

I feel great now because I’m already enrolled! And I am a certified BSBA Major in Human Resources Development Management Student again. I’m in fourth year college! Whoah! Who would ever thought that I will reach this stage of my life! BTW, I acquired a partial scholarship but pathetic .03, supposed to be, I will have a full scholarship. But maybe there will be more and bigger blessings for me aside from that.

I have mixed emotions right now. I’m not that so excited because I am not tired of this summer I am having right now. I am just having the time of my summer! hahaha. LOL! But at some point, I am excited because I will have allowance again and I will have more time with my college friends. That will be great! For sure, that will be some memorable and happy memories again.

I know, being a fourth year college is full of uncertainties. I don’t know what will happen to me. But it is with high hopes that I can surpass every ‘trials’ and ‘struggles’ I might encounter on this road before I reach the finish line. 

After this, great! Job-searching! I am excited about that even though I know finding and having a great and descent job is not easy to acquire.

Thanks, JE



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