Lucky Enough

Life is a blessing. Yes, it is. And the persons who walked into your life story, whether they love you or hate you or whatsoever they did into your life, you must consider them as blessings. Without them your life will definitely and absolutely be incomplete and different. No matter how big or small the role they acted upon in your life, they are parts of you story.

Being alive must be considered luck and a blessing at the same time. But you know what makes it luckier? Having that person who can understand you well no matter what happens. That person who knows you better any other people. That person who gets you. That person who will not judge you for what you’ve done or said unless s/he already hears the story, even so, s/he will still stays with you. That someone who will always be there for you.  That someone who is willing to lend some of his/her precious time just to be with you whenever you’re in need.

You must consider yourself lucky enough when you have that someone. With the look in your eyes, tone of your voice, your body language, s/he will already understand and figure out what’s going on through your head.

If you have that someone, treasure him/her. Not all people are capable of having them in their lives. Some are still looking for them. I can say that I am lucky enough to have my best friend as that someone. She knows me better and better than any people in this world.

thanks, je


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