The Earth

It’s so good and fresh, the blow of the cold wind

And you can feel it thoroughly on your skin

And the crystal-like water, it is deep blue

All the underwater creatures you can see through


You can see everywhere and anywhere the trees

They are all dancing with the soft music of the breeze

Butterflies, bees loved to taste the sweetness of flowers

And they are craving for it over and over


All the wonderful birds in the sky are flying

In the wide horizon, they’re gliding and chirping

All the mountains from afar are soaring high

And it was as if they could touch the sky


All of these, you see my friends, they’re only before

Because nowadays, you can’t see them anymore

As the earth keeps on moving, it keeps on changing

And right now, all we’ve got now was global warming


There in the air, you can smell the pollution

As soon as possible, let’s find the solution

Let us save the earth for the next generation

If we were gone, they will have something to live on


About our earth, there’re a lot of predictions

So we can never guarantee absolution

As early as now, we all need to move today

Let us not wait for the incoming judgement day


Due to flaws of each of us, human being

This phenomenon, we are experiencing

We were the one who created these happenings

We will be the one who’s in charge of the solving





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