How to Make a Girl Happy?

a. jive into her mood swings even though it is pretty obvious she’s doing it purposely for you to make some “paglalambing” (tagalog term for affection/ tenderness).

b. Write her some silly love letters/poems which really reflect your true feelings and emotions though you think it is some kind of a ‘baduy’ stuff. (baduy=jologs). Much better if you will write it in a way that it is as if you’re just talking to her personally. she’ll appreciate it a lot better.

c. Say she’s beautiful even she’s not. it somehow comforts her. if you don’t want to admit it to tease her, say some flattering words like ‘You’re not even my type, you’re not beautiful in my eyes but you make, and still making my world beautiful’. she’ll definitely be happy though she keeps on denying it.

d. Always make her feel she’s special and she’s the only one.

e. Try to give meaning to her name as a way of saying good night.

f. give her a unique nickname that others might find corny. make sure it is not that sweer. extreme sweetness sucks! haha

g. Be open about yourself to her. She finds it unique and great because you are brave enough to open a piece of your life. the more she knows about you, the more she will like/love you.

h. you can even tell her about your future plans. she can admire you more for that.

i. somehow, show to her that you are still vulnerable and fragile. i don’t know why, but i guess it can make her happy.

j. sing her a song. if you know how to play the guitar, then make some accompaniment with it.

k. exert some effort. even your gift for her is the cheapest of all kind, still, in the end, it’s the thought that counts.

l. always tell her the truth. she’d rather hear the truth though it hurts than you telling stupid lies.

m. bring out the best in her. always try to make her feel comfortable with your presence.

n. sometimes, she just want to argue just to add some spice. bear with it (though it can be routinary) she just want you to comfort her.

o. Most girls are denial queen. even if it’s too obvious, she’ll keep on denying.try hard to make her admit it. though it quite embarasses her, she’s somehow happy that she’s able to tell it to you. a little ‘pambabara’ (opposing) can bring her happiness.

p. make her feel special through your simple actions.

q. no exaggeration, listen to her non-stop, endless and infinite stories though you hear them a hundred times.

r. understand every bit of her even though you’re just watching her body language.

Thanks, JE


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