Hair Cut

You know that I am an addict of writing, right? So, when I was having a hair cut, while the barber is cutting my hair, I am writing a poem! Would you believe?? Through my cell phone. Hahaha. Here it is. 


Hair Cut


I’m now having a haircut

My looks will change a lot

Would they like it or not?

Oh, I don’t care if they say their buts


Goodbye to my curly hair

That’s always been there

I’ll see you if you became longer

Hope I’ll like my look better


I wonder what would be my look

Hope they’ll not puke

Would it fit into my face?

Oh, I’m wondering in the wide space


I can hear the kissing of the scissors

Feels like it’s cutting me to the core

The barber’s having a hard time in my hair

I can see he has a lot of despair


When I walked inside the door

I closed my eyes and face the mirror

I’m looking much better

Cause of my short hair


 Thanks, JE


7 thoughts on “Hair Cut

  1. mga bagay-bagay.. nakaka-stress kasi malapit na pumasok, back to reality na uli. And medyo matagal uli kami magkikita ng mga HS friends kasi para sakin more on HS friends talaga ung malapit sayo.. mga ganun 😀

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