We all want to be loved


We all want to be loved by the person we love. Of course, we all want love and be loved. You are a hypocrite if you tell me that you don’t want to have a mutual feeling with the person you love. Everybody deserves love but the sad and poor things I that not everybody gets the chance and privilege to be loved.


Sometimes, it’s only a one-way process.


And that hurts like hell. I guess, everybody has been hurt because of love. You love because you are ready to bear all the consequences such as being hurt. The least thing you can do so you’ll not be in pain is to avoid love. But is it possible? We all have brains and hearts and those two tell us we’re already in love. And may I add, fighting love is more hurtful than just letting is to take its course.


Falling in love has symptoms, right? It seems to be a disease. But it is not like those diseases that can be acquired easily through air or water. It doesn’t necessarily mean that when you confessed your true feelings to someone, she will love you back instantly. Maybe, it happens but not all the time.


Love takes time.


But we all wish that love is like a disease which can be transmitted easily. In a way that, when you fall to a certain person, automatically, s/he will love you back. With that, nobody can get hurt. But that is hilarious!


Being hurt is part of falling in love. It should always be a balance thing. If you’ve never been hurt, in my opinion, you don’t really love. It seems to be light and dark. Love and hurt are partners. They are inseparable.


But it is not always hurt and pains, right? They say that if it is not yet happy, it’s still not the end. I believe in happy endings. There is always that someone who’s meant and destined for us and with him/her, we can truly find happiness and we will figure out what love really is. All we have to do is to wait for that perfect someone.


Maybe, s/he is still a stranger to you now, or some old friend who’s always been there for you since then, and old lover or someone else. Just be patient. I believe that everybody has a destined perfect, oops, there’s no such thing as perfect, destined great love story written for them. each love story has its own uniqueness. For now, just think of it. Maybe God is still busy writing the best plot for your love story. Just believe. Have faith. Someday, you’ll be with him/her.





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