One of the hardest feelings in the world is pretending that you don’t have any special feelings for someone. You know for a fact that s/he is already madly in love with somebody else and all you have to do is to hide your feelings toward him/her ‘cause nothing will happen. You just keep on pretending that you just treat him/her as friend because you are afraid that s/he might go away.


And that’s more hurtful. Figuring out that the person you love keeps distance from you because you have that pathetic feeling.


You know what’s the hardest part? When s/he is completely unaware of your true feelings that’s why s/he keeps on telling to you whatever that pathetic and stupid stuffs s/he did together with darn someone. As a pretender, you will just smile, might give some advice to keep your act, but deep inside, you are already dying because of so much pains.


Being a pretender about your true feelings is not easy. You should always keep your guard up if you don’t want to be caught. You should always wear your mask.


But there are also some pretenders who show their feelings through simple ways ‘cuz they are so tired of pretending. Already tired of keeping everything inside. They may say it through jokes (jokes are half-meant), through extreme concern and care, through simple acts of sweetness and a lot more.


And still, the person they love can’t still figure out that the pretender is already in love with him/her. Pathetic creatures! Why there are people who are hard as stone? They lack of sensitivity!


And that’s more hurtful for the pretenders. Trying to show your feelings even they might look like desperate but still no good and no use. Tss.


If I were those pretenders, I will be the one who will initiate the action of keeping distance between us. I know, it will hurt at first but as time passed by it can help. What’s the use of being with that somebody who is madly in love to someone else all over again if you will be broken again and again? Yes, you might find some happiness for being with him/her because you are in love. But there are the pains. So why keep on pushing that if you can still be happy without getting hurt?


On that situation, use your head and not your heart. Keep distance. You will get no award for being martyr in love. Aside from that, indulge yourself. Busy yourself to the things you love to do. Hang out with friends a lot. They can make you happy. Listen to happy songs. Help yourself in forgetting. Eventually, you will see, you will forget him/her. And you can face him/her with a big smile on your face.


You will also feel great because you get over from that pathetic pretentions.





P.S. I just keep on writing whatever comes in my mind and I don’t know if the ideas are still connected. Sorry. Please comment. Thanks a lot! 


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