She looked at me then she smiled

I have gone crazy for a while

She and her smile was all on my mind

It happened, that’s why God is so kind


Wish again, she’ll look at me that way

Cause it made all worries gone away

Her smile, it made me fall deeper

Hope we’re gonna be together


At that moment, her eyes’re so bright

Like the million stars in the night

Obviously, she’s full of delight

She’s like the sun, giving me light


After she smiled at me that way

I’m losing my concentration

Together with this sensation

Wish that we’ll have future someday


Her smile’s the high light of my day

Wish she’ll smile at me everyday

She smile, my face drew a smile

To see it, I’ll walk a thousand miles


I’ve taken pictures in my brain

So her smile will always remain

Hoping she’ll smile at me again

Cause it took away all the pains


She smiled, sparks flew instantly

Oh, it melted my whole body

It really made me so happy

I’m so glad she smiled at me


Her sweet smile said everything

‘I love you’, hope it’s whispering

To her, I’ve this strong feeling

I’m willing to give anything


With her smile, I could touch the sky

Spreading its arms for her and I

And I am cloaked with happiness

It poured out all the loneliness


Can’t help myself from staring

All I want now’s some smiling

Her smile was all on my mind

With her, heaven I can find


If you’ll ask, what’s fascinating

With her smiling that’s so attracting

It can make anything just right

It’s sparkling like stars at night


After she smiled, I’m dreaming

Our eyes are simply staring

And they are secretly talking

That could stop world on revolving


When she looked and smiled at me

Her cute eyes are shining brightly

They’re just two little stars

I can only watch from afar


I have had hard time for breathing

Whenever I see her smiling

My silly heart keeps on leaping

Well, maybe this is admiring


I’ll never forget her smile

My head spun around for a while

Wish I could say what I’m feeling

Because I am so tired of hiding


Her smile was tattooed in my mind

It’s the only thing you can find

Her smile, nothing will be better

She and I will be together


What if that she can see it too?

She’ll be nuts like the way I do

It’s the craziest thing to see

Friend, it’s so enchanting to me


And because of what had happened

I have a reason to grab my pen

And write this simple poem for her

She smiled, I became a nutter


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