I love Interacting

I love talking as much as I love writing. I love sharing my thoughts, opinions, experiences and life not only in the form of writing but also through talking. I want to serve as an inspiration to other people.


I am talkative, I admit. But I make sure that whatever I’m saying has sense. I am the type of people who is deliberating every single word before I spit it out ‘cuz I don’t want to offend people. Maybe the reason why I love talking or interacting with other people is that I don’t have someone to talk to here at home. My parents are busy at their work. I have a younger sister but we don’t do much serious talkings. More of teasing and taunting each other.


That’s why I found friends in the form of paper, pen and guitar. They are the ones who are accepting whatever I am feeling. I write and write and write ‘til I released all the extreme emotions I feel inside.


I still have true friends but we are not always together. So, my paper, pen and guitar are my common buddies.


I guess, I took up a right course in college. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Human Resources Development Management (kinda long, huh?) because it mostly deals with people. And I love that. I love meeting new people, same goes in wordpress or tumblr or blogger. That’s why every time there is someone who commented on my post, I make sure that I will response. Because I want to form a new bond. I want to make new friends. Also, I want to be part of their lives. I want to know more of them. How do their cultures and traditions differ from mine. And some more.


I love interacting. It is a part of me that nobody can take away. I love hearing somebody’s life experiences, thoughts and opinions. They teach me lessons and they sometimes help me in my writing.





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